Wireless Network Cable Manufacture


Trilogy AirCell® Cables: American Made, Quality Guaranteed

What is AirCell®

As a leading wireless network cable manufacturer, Trilogy Communications, Inc. utilizes a unique air dielectric disc design into our high-quality coaxial cables. Our proprietary design process results in the formation of fully bonded, hermetically sealed chambers that give our product its namesake, AirCell®.

We begin the construction of our AirCell® Cables by extruding a structural hollow poly tube. Once the poly tube has been extruded, we weld a copper center conductor over the tube. The next step in our manufacturing process is what sets Trilogy apart from the competition. Through the use of injection molding, we attach polyethylene dielectric discs down the length of the copper center conductor. After the discs have been injection molded to the cable, an outer poly tube is extruded over top of the discs. During this process, the dielectric discs bond with the outer poly tube, creating our fully bonded, hermetically sealed AirCell® chambers. The AirCell® chambers are non-pressurized and monitored during manufacturing for moisture to ensure quality construction. Whether you need a radio frequency, transmission line, or DAS cable, the AirCell® is the perfect solution for your project.

Following the outer poly tube extrusion, our wireless network cable manufacturers weld an aluminum outer conductor over the tube. When making AirCell® Transline Cable, a jacket will be extruded over the cable to finish the product. For AirCell® Radiating Cables, we first cut patterns of slots into the cable, thus making the product a radiating cable. We wrap a fire barrier tape around the aluminum outer conductor and finally extrude a Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen, fire retardant jacket over the cable. The final result is the overall best performing Radiating Cable that meets all the standards set forth by NFPA-130 and NFPA-502 for Fixed Guideway Transit, Passenger Rail Systems, Road Tunnels, Bridges and other limited access highways.